Establish the TAB and TMT

Establish the TAB (Transition Advisory Board) and the TMT (Transition Management Team)

To support the transition the TAB – Transition Advisory Bord has to be established. The main responsibility for the TAB is to take decisions, therefore should all management for all vital areas be represented or be consulted whenever needed. Essential to have in minded is that the TAB must be put together by persons in the organization that was the power to decide on different topics, it is also very important that the TAB members could be called in or addressed within short notice for decisions.

For more operative work tasks like reporting, co-ordination and managing the transition process there is a TMT – Transition Management Team, a team of highly processional change managers. For smaller projects the TMT could exist of one single person and for larger projects a team of 4-6 persons or even more. The TMT’s main responsibility is to carry out the transition together with the rest or the organization. Minor decision not impacting the cells deliverables or responsibility could be taken by the TMT team directly together with concerned cell but decisions on topics impacting deliverables between cells or a cell’s respectability shall always be taken by the TAB.

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