Communicate the Organization model

To get use of the whole organization in the transition process it is very essential to communicate the business and organization model. If the organization do not know or understand the target and the heading for the transition they could hardly contribute either, therefore this step is extremely essential.

Not doing this step properly tend to increase the cost in later steps and could potentially jeopardize the whole transition. The result of the transition might not be as good as it could have been because the organization was not working in the same direction coursed by the heading and target was not clear for everyone.

Communication of the business and organization model should be carried out by the senior management together with the TAB. The TMT team should assist in the process but it is essential that the business and organization model is clearly communicated by the top management.

When communicating the new organization is has to be understood on a high level – helicopter view, as well as on a lower levels where more details are presented in order for the different cells/capabilities to understand how they fit in on the organization chart.

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