The BTM21 Process

The BTM21 process is a mix between a “top-down” and “bottom-up” approach where business models and capability charts in most cases are made up on the board of directors and senior management level, sometimes assisted by external professionals. When it then comes to  implementation and the transition is the approach “bottom-up”. Every cell/capability contribute with their detail knowledge to define their internal organization and processes assisted by the TMT – Transition Management Team.

The whole transition process is divided into 6 steps where the 5 first step are mandatory and the last step “Establish a permanent transition framework” is optional depending on the nature of the transition or other conditions.

Some steps has to come in sequence and other should be carried out in parallel. Depending of the size of the transition, could the implementation of the transition process be carried out gradually, business area by business area or split in any other way.

In the following sections are the different steps explained more in detail;

  1. Establish the TAB (Transition Advisory Board) and the TMT (Transition Management Team)
  2. Communicate the organization model
  3. Define and communicate responsibilities and deliverables
  4. Transition
  5. Co-ordinate process
  6. Establish a permanent transition framework