The Paradigm shift

In the paradigm shift we are into have we already seen large companies shaking at the same time as we seen companies in new business growing extremely fast.

All this are effects of that business conditions, consumers loyalty and behavior are shifting extremely fast right now. Some companies are navigating and adapting better to new conditions than other and some companies just happens to be lucky.

Characteristics in the ongoing paradigm shift that has influenced the development of the BTM21 model are;

The 20th century business model

  • The 20th century business models have its roots in the industrial revolution in the late 1800.
  • Most current change management models have its roots in the 20th century business models.
  • Human are in the first place seen as working capital sometimes dealing with intellectually complex work tasks.

The 21st century model

  • Human are seen as intellectual capital that are believed to take intelligent decisions.
  • The intellectual capacity of a well working team or organization can not be explained as the sum of the individuals intellectual capacity, an effect we prefer to call the “One-One-three effect” (113).

Image #1

Image #1