How to navigate?

How to navigate and prepare your organization to better adapt to new business conditions?
If you don’t have a Cristal-ball, which most of us don’t have one way that we believe in is to “Organize well and increase you innovation capacity!”.
One approach to archive that could be to recruit the most talented individuals in terms of;

  • IQ – Intelligence Quotient
  • SC – Social Capital
  • EC – Emotional Capital
  • SP – Spiritual Capital
  • KC – Knowledge Capital
  • PA – Personal Attributes

An another approach could be to get better use of the individuals you already have in your organization. This could be done by;

  • Get better use of each individuals human capacity in your organization
  • Further develop and increase the total IC – Intellectual Capacity by making individuals and groups working better together
  • Organize your organization to be able to faster adapt to new business conditions

The BTM21 model supporting the later approach to get better use of what you already have. Whoever there is no conflict in combining the to approaches, it is rather recommended to work on more than one front.

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