Today’s Business conditions

The business conditions today are different than it use to be. We are right now in the middle of the paradigm shift from the monetary driven industrial era into a knowledge based information era. That drives questions of how to organize and how to use your organizations capabilities to better and faster adapt to new business conditions.Some notable conditions today are;

Global competition goods and services

  • Goods has since world-war II been exposed to global competition, a competition that has dramatically increased the last 20 years.
  • Workforce – constructors, etc. has in later years to a higher extent been exposed for regional or global competition, especially within EU.
  • Services – Call centers, outsourced development, support and operations are also exposed to global competition globally exposed and today even professional services like legal services (LPO -Legal Process Outsourcing) , etc.

Global trading

  • Few and low cost trading restrictions between most countries.

International monetary market

  • Less and less restrictions for cross-boarder monetary transactions.

Information are global

  • Everything from currency prices and interest rates to price on goods and services could be priced and traded on-line.

Remote delivery

  • Everything that don’t need a physical delivery could potentially be made remotely and electronically delivered.
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